Beech wood fire briquettes

Beech wood briquettes – 0.800 kg

  • Made in Europe
  • Certified beech wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Weight: 1 briquette = 0.800 kg
  • Suitable for heating in all types of boilers, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves 
  • Interior and exterior
  • High calorific value (1 ton of compressed wood = 4 steres of wood)
  • Low price and low carbon footprint  
  • Low ash content (suitable for fireplaces with  fireplace inserts, no streaking)  
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Suitable for smoking food and cooking over a wood fire
  • Packaging: 12 briquettes per box
  • MOQ: 1 pallet, i.e. 1152 skewers

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